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Free iOs and Android Mobile Application ideas.


Automatic web site robot

Idea : An application that asks you few questions and prepare a website for you in minutes. How is that supposed to be? I have been designing, coding and developing websites over 10 years....


Shopping mall parking space finder app

Idea : Finding an available parking space in shopping malls’ car park via a mobile phone application. How is it supposed to be? Sometimes when you are in a hurry finding a space for your...


Mobile ultrasound application, see your baby everyday

The idea : A mobile application turns your smart phone into an ultrasound monitoring machine. How is that supposed to be? As the improvements in technology day by day we are able to do...


Worldwide gym credits, pay your gym with a mobile application

Idea : Keep your gym program during your journey. How is that supposed to be? First of all you may have had this issue with your gym saloon. When you go another cities other than...